Global Strongman Gym stands alone; the only true strongman training gym located in Midtown Manhattan, the heart of New York City.

Global Strongman Gym

Dear Members, Clients and Trainers were are currently in the process of relocating,unfortunately we had unforseen setbacks in opening,we have a much bigger Gym and Great New Equiptment for Strongman and all types of workouts being made and will be delivered as soon as were open for business ,in the near future.

Thank you for your understanding.


The only true strongman training gym located in midtown Manhattan, the heart of New York City.

Owned and operated by Hans Pirman since 2011

Featured in Muscle and Fitness - September 2013 (page 46)

and Men's Fitness - September 2013 (page 88)

Want to become the world’s strongest man or woman?

Or just looking to take your strength training to a whole new level?

Global Strongman Gym is the gym for you.

Global Strongman Gym offers:

  • an amazing array of strongman training equipment,

  • TRX suspension training,

  • stretching, training, and nutrition counseling by certified trainers, and

  • a helpful, friendly atmosphere that encourages you to reach your next level

  • http://bit.ly/globalfreetraining


Learn professional techniques and improve your strength, endurance, and event times.

Don't kid yourself.  Don’t waste your time or money anywhere else.


Who trains at Global Strongman Gym?

  • Men

  • Women who know "Strong is the new Skinny"

  • All ages including teenagers and senior citizens

  • The underweight, the healthy weight, and the overweight

  • The healthy and the not-so-healthy with conditions that can be improved with strength training like osteoporosis and low testosterone

  • Serious strongman competitors, fitness buffs, and those just looking to improve their body



Global Strongman Gym can help.



  • Regular memberships $80 per month

  • Day passes $20

  • Personal training sessions of all types and levels

  • Gift certificates

  • Global Strongman Gym branded t-shirts, hoodies and posters

  • Posters signed by Hafpthor Bjornsson (2014 2nd place World's Strongest Man, actor: Game of Thrones

  • Pictures signed by Svend "Viking" Karlsen (2001 World's Strongest Man)


Call today and we'll ship your gift certifcates and merchandise directly to your home! 


For Trainers and Gym Owners:

Global Strongman Gym can certify you in Strongman training and show you ways to save money and market your business successfully:

  • Strongman certification seminars led by Svend "Viking" Karlsen and Hans Pirman offered quarterly

  • Consultation on gym design, equipment furnishing, training and gym culture
  • Certified and insured trainers are welcome to train their clients with GSG's exclusive equipment for a fee



Corporate Wellness:

Global Strongman Gym can provide personal training to compliment the corporate wellness program at your small to medium sized business.  Benefits to having a corporate wellness program that includes personal training:

  • absenteeism due to illness drops,

  • medical insurance costs can decrease with proof of the wellness program,

  • employees are generally happier, and

  • employee retention goes up.


Make Global Strongman Gym a part of your corporate fitness plan today and

bring your company to the next level!


Strongman training is one of the hottest trends in fitness today however

it can cause serious injury when done improperly.

Seek the expertise, insight, and discipline of a proven strongman trainer and competitor. Hans Pirman and his certified strongman trainers have won an array of awards and have over 25 years of personal training experience.  They work with you to see you achieve your personal goals with strength training.


And safety is Global Strongman Gym’s number one priority.


Join Global Strongman Gym today and get started on the path towards your new strongman prowess.



Atlas Stones • Farmers Walk • 12 Inch Logs • Conan’s Wheel
Frame Carry • Sled • Axel • Bars • Kegs • Sandbags
Viking Press • Power Stairs • Bumper Plates
Super Yoke Carry • Deadlift Power Bands
High Endurance Cardio Training


(212) 560-9500 • hans@globalstrongmangym.com
were in the process of relocating
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